Sexual assault

There are no online bookings. We recommend you attend one of our walk-in clinics as soon as possible.

If your assault has been recent (less than 7 days) you may need emergency care for any injuries or require medication to prevent unwanted pregnancy and or sexually transmitted infections. You may also want to have samples taken by a specialist in the event that you want to report to the police. These need to be taken as soon as possible.

There are several places you can go for help and advice:

  • The Haven
    These are sexual assault referral centres. You can refer yourself to The Haven or be referred by a sexual health clinic by contacting 020 3299 6900 for an appointment at any of the sites below:
    For general enquires please ring 020 3299 1599
  • Police
    Find your local police station via directory enquiries and ask for the local Sapphire Team or visit their website.
  • Sexual health clinics
    You can attend any walk-in site during our opening hours and we can offer you appropriate care and advice.
  • Emergency Departments
    If you have any immediate injuries or are in pain as a result of an assault you should attend your local Emergency Department immediately.
  • Emergency contraception after sexual assault
    If the assault has occurred in the last five days but you do not want to access any of the above services, consider taking emergency contraception which you can access from our clinics, most pharmacies, your GP, NHS walk-in centres or Emergency Departments.

The following telephone helplines are run by trained staff:

  • Victim Support: 0845 303 0900
  • Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre: 020 8683 3300
    For women and girls but will refer male victims

    Weekdays: 12-2:30pm and 7-9:30pm
    Weekends: 12-2:30pm
  • Survivors UK: 020 7357 6677
    Help for men who have been sexually abused or raped

For more information about care after a sexual assault, please click here, alternatively other information is available via the NHS Choices website.