I want a coil or implant

You can book IUD/IUS (Coil) insertions, Implant insertions and Implant removals online, by phone or in person. If no appointments show online please call us or drop in to make your appointment as other slots will be available.

Ambrose King Centre: 0207 377 7306 and Sir Ludwig Guttman Centre: 0208 496 7237
If you would like an IUD/IUS (Coil) insertion please click here for more information https://alleast.nhs.uk/contraception

An Implant, IUD or IUS can only be fitted if we can be sure that you are not already pregnant or at risk of becoming pregnant from recent sexual intercourse. The risk will depend on what method of contraception you are currently using and when you last had any unprotected sex. If there is any risk that you may already be pregnant or at risk of pregnancy, we may not be able to go ahead with the procedure.

We cannot fit IUDs/IUS/implants or remove implants if you bring any children without another adult to look after them while you are having the procedure.

A time to attend is not an appointment – it is a time given to you to attend the clinic. We aim to see you as near to your slot time as possible. You will be offered the first available slot. Please attend promptly as you may have to wait longer if you are late.

If you would like to reserve a slot online for an IUD/IUS (Coil) insertion, Implant insertion or Implant removal please CLICK HERE

If you have already watched the video and read the information CLICK HERE to book.